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1999 Yamaha 2HP outboard 15″ 2-Stroke

$500.00 $470.00

Seller is highly motivated to sell this motor and would be willing to negotiate and or get controls and fuel tank for buyer.

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Although this motor looks old and is a 1999 it is in impeccable condition and runs very smoothly. This motor has been stored indoors and has absolutely no rust on it whatsoever. The fuel tank is in the top of the motor but it also has capability to have an external fuel tank. It is a Pull Start motor that would be perfect for a little skiff or sailboat. *****There is no tiller handle for this motor and is only a remote/electric start motor and we would be able to order the controls for you upon purchase.*****  The seller is highly motivated to sell this small Yamaha outboard motor. If you are interested or have more questions about this motor please call us @ 804-453-7541.



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